Some surf, some skate, but many do both. We are different but we have something in common: we are passionate about what we do and we search our passions with the idea that we can create everything that people like us will appreciate and transmit our culture and lifestyle.

The Globe was created in 1990s, born in the company Hardcore Enterprises, an Australian company specialized in skateboards and street culture.

Peter and Stephen Hill founded in 1984,which quickly became one of the world’s largest skateboard distribution companies. At that time the Hills brothers were professional skateboarders who were dissatisfied with the quality of the skateboards and snowboards products available in Australia, so they began to import the best of the USA. Producing consistently good movies, tours, championships and advertising, Hardcore Enterprising gained momentum due to the explosion that had skateboard in the mid-80s in Australia.

Em 1994, together with brother and current CEO of Globe, Matt Hill, the Globe brand was created. After 10 years of development, production and distribution with Hardcore Enterprises, it was time to create a global brand, first with sneakers for skaters and then with the line of clothes and accessories for the wide market of boardsports.

The speed of communication and the same team of skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders  who started the business in the 80s has increased the global connection of designers and athletes who are united by boardsports, street fashion, media design and movies.