Born in 1995

“Big Brands”was criated in 1995,when the partners Roberto Schwarz,Fernando de Almeida and Fabio Carettoni,who left in 2003,detected that the brazilian market for surfwear confectionery was weakly worked in a professional form.Many of the companies at that time were surfers’s or ex surfers’s who set up a business to improve their conditions in order to practice their sport or find a way to sustain a surf related lifestyle.

Factory know how

As far as the partners had a large factory know-how,resulting from a confeccion that they already had,with national distribuition,they decided to invest seriously in that market.

But an important factor to enter this sector is that they needed a strong brand ,recognized by the consumer public and supporter of surfing.It was then,in 1995,after visiting a traditional division of Gotcha,or the ‘More Core Division” of Gotcha,Californian brand developed and created by and for the world’s surfing elite

Came to stay

When they started Big Brands,they were called by the concorrents “haoles”,that means in surfer’s slang “people who are not susfers”,”don’t catch waves,”or a “surfer who’s not local”. As the partners did not practice the sport,many believed that the company would not survive because they didn’t know anything about the subject,they did not belong to the surf’s tribe. But,since the third year of operation,Big Brands showed the market that they came to stay!

Launcher of major brands

From the beginning of the activities,the partners had as main objective to set up  a company that would add new brands within the same market.That’s the reason why the name“Big Brands Launcher”. And it’s exactly what happened…Big Brand started with MCD in 1995, in 2000 it came  to represent the Californian brand …Lost, and in 2002 began the distribuition of the Australian brand of sneakers Globe, recognized internationally by it’s wide  mix  of products ,designed and developed by skaters and surfers world renowned. And in 2009, came to represent the most radical brand of luggage and backpacks on the planet,Ogio. But prospection doesn’t stop. Big Brands continues to research for new surf and skate brands to introduce in the Brazilian market.

Concern for the development,quality and distribuition

Big Brands’ concern with the development,quality and distribuition of its products is constant and total on each new collection;the challenge of the whole  team is a  self overcome. In the manufacturing area,the company has 2 quality controls:one for raw material,where diverse fabrics and accessories are rigorously tested and analysed before cutting,and another for finished products,which carefully checks for measurements,finishes and all the details that make BIG BRANDS  products recognized as one of the best in the market.

Concern about internal training

The training of its internal team,employees and partners is another continuous investment made by Big Brands,aiming to inform the company’s goals and objectives,highlight the differentials of its products and better serve its clients.

The Big Rider

Today,Big Brands,which  once was nicknamed “haole”,is now a “big rider”,that in surf vocabulary means surfer who is good and  likes to ride big waves,that means,a big company,that “dropes” all kinds of waves,in any weather condition.

The mix of products,currently,counts with more than 1200 items,adding its licensed brands,which can be found at the most important surf and skate shops in the country’s  main capitals. The  company’s command,today,is shared by Roberto Schwarz ,who is responsible for the production, logistics, purchasing, financial and human resources sectors., and Fernendo Almeida, who is responsible for product development,marketing and commercial areas.

Important moments

1995-Big Brands opening and conquest of MCD license

1996-moving from a 400 m2 building to a 1300 m2

2000-beginning of the  …Lost brand licensing:

-moving to a bigger building with 2100 m2 situated in the neighborhood of Bom Retiro,at Rua Matarazzo.

2002-beginning of the Globe brand distribuition

2005-launching female line for MCD

2006-acquisition of the building of Rua Matarazzo,bom Retiro

-inauguration of another unit, destinated to the stock of finished pieces

2007-beginning the works for the construction of another  floor on the building incorporating 700m2,totaling 2800 m2

2008-inauguration of the new headquarter ,in the neighborhood of Bom Retiro-SP,completely renovated

2009-beginning of the Ogio brand distribuition

2010-lanching male line for Globe

Resultados Alcançados

A BIGBRANDS hoje é uma empresa sólida, cem por cento nacional, detentora do licenciamento de 3 marcas internacionais de surf e skate absolutamente consagradas – MCD, …Lost e Globe– com uma sede própria de 2.800 m2, e um centro de distribuição de peças prontas de 1.200 m2, ambos localizados em São Paulo.

Foi reconhecida pela matriz da MCD como a melhor licenciada no mundo, É pioneira na introdução de novos produtos e tendências, como o lançamento do board estampado, numa época que o liso era a proposta do mercado de surfwear, e de um tecido exclusivo, denominado super suede impermeável, que não absorvia água.

Uma empresa que começou a desbravar os mercados do surf e skatewear de forma tímida e que hoje, sem dúvida, escreveu uma história e se tornou protagonista, ao lado de grandes grupos multinacionais presentes no Brasil.