In 2000, …Lost came to Brazil against all the standards of the market, with an irreverent attitude avoiding the pattern, had a super approval, conveying the concept and the madness of the brand through its products. With that was born the “black sheep” from the market.

Matt Biolos, known as Mayhem, a nickname that came from his high school punk band, called Mayhem Ordinance, started working on board factorys as Surfglass and Herbie Fletcher Surf Shop shaping and also made a living painting monsters and women on surfboards in the beach, always signing as Mayhem and …Lost, to create the brand that made American youth demystify their idols.

Mayhem always wrote “Team Lost” on the boards, which was the name of his crew, who was not interested in winning school championships, soccer games, etc, but they wanted to know only about snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and Punk Rock.

The “Team Lost” were, however, surfer and skaters in their essentials, and not athletes.

The path could not be another. The name …Lost got it. Working in an environment surrounded by good shapers, such as Timmy Patterson, Jim Fuller, Terry Senate and Randy Sleighas as well as great surfers, Matt was able to maximize his shaper skills.

Still by luck, at the beginning of Mayhem’s career, Christian Fletcher appeard on the cover of Surfing giving an aerial with one of his boards, and thus Mayhem began to stand out as a shaper.

Slowly, professional athletes among others, began to make their boards with him, since the most expressive surfers of California, such as Christian Fletcher and Matt Archibald already used “…Lost by Mayhem”. Meanwhile, Matt’s friends encourage him to make T-shirts to sell with his ideas and designs. In 1992,fueled by suggestions from Timmy Patterson and Johnny Monson, Matt began putting his art on T-shirts with the logo …Lost.

His roommate and today’s partner Mike Reola helped him deal with the business side of things and with little or no money , including help from various friends in the form of small loans, a father’s backard to silk shirts, a vehicle in exchange of rent and help of all to divulge the mark in the schools, and thus, Matt began the …Lost.

In 1993, …Lost made his first video, titled Momentum3, which featured the surf, skateboard and snowboard teams, along with everyone who lived the crew …Lost, these characters all out of standard. This video was renamed Dysfunctional and finished by Taylor Steele. This film was meant to be a joke and only to his friends, but his popularity led to …Lost producing its first real video, titled Whats Really Goin On in 1995, marking the beginning of the success of the brand.

In 1999, Gotcha’s executive Joel Cooper joins Matt and Mike and aggressively builds the international distribution and licensing system around the world. Today, it is the only major brand that is controlled by partners and not by shareholders with the intention of preserving the brand and making it what it simply is, …Lost, a Californian brand out of standards, breaking rules and considered the “black sheep” of surfing.

Today Matt is also one of the most accomplished shapers in the world and makes the boards of expressive names of the world surfing elite like Taj Burrow, Kolohe Andino, Mason Ho and others.